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Summer family barbecues and relaxing at the park with family is a much loved activity in Belmont, but how often do you actually have the time to do it? By choosing the perfect Belmont cleaners you can take back your family time and start enjoying the best things in life. The Naturally Clean Co are praised on our top notch high quality service, our consideration for the health and safety of your family the environment and our down to earth friendly staff. So when you decide you want to take back control in your life and start relaxing with your family, take a look at our list below of our top 5 parks in Belmont.

5 Family friendly parks to visit in Belmont

1. Summit Street Park

Location: 53 Summit Street

Facilities: Playground, picnic table with shelter, barbecue (electric), water bubblers

2. Pinnacle Place Park

Location: 22 Pinnacle Place

Facilities: Playground, pincin area, water bubblers

3. Iona Close Park

Location: 3 Iona Close

Facilities: Playground, barbeuque (wood), water bubblers

4. Thredbo Place Park

Location: 10 Thredbo Close

Facilities: Playground, picnic area with shelter, water bubblers

5. She-Oak Park

Location: 216 Belmont Road

Facilities: Playground, picnic area, barbecue

Pack the food, pack the kids, pack the water, pack the bags and press the book now button and you’ll be on your way to making some great family memories.

If you find any more favorite parks you’d like to add then please comment below, we’d love to check them out!


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