Trees are a massive part of our human existence, they provide oxygen, clean the soil and the air we breathe, reduce noise pollution, fight against soil erosion and they play a huge part in flood control measures due to the amount of water they can hold. These are just some of the benefits of planting trees. That’s why tree planting events are a great way to keep giving back to our earth and improving our health. There are many Tree Planting Events In Brisbane that would love for you to come along and help out at, here are some that are coming up in May.

Fairfield tree planting event

  • When: Sat 12 May 2018 – 9:00am – 11:00am
  • Where: Robinson Park, 65 Ashby Street, Fairfield
  • Cost: FREE

Glider Festival – a community tree planting event

  • When: Sun 20 May 2018 – 10:00am – 2:00pm
  • Where: 544 Telegraph Road, Bracken Ridge
  • Cost: FREE

Upper Mount Gravatt tree planting event

  • When:Sat 26 May 2018 – 9:00am – 11:00am
  • Where: Brushbox Park, 142 Lumley Street, Upper Mount Gravatt
  • Cost: FREE

There are so many wonderful eco friendly events in Brisbane with lots of helpful information and fun activities for all ages. So here are some other events you may be interested in this month.

Eco Events In Brisbane – May

The links above will take you to the event pages on the Brisbane City Council website, where you can view all of the details for each event.

It’s always good to give back to our amazing planet, so what better way than to plant trees? The bonus about these events in Brisbane is that you can spend a few hours with like-minded people and possibly make some awesome new friends. Here at The Naturally Clean Co, we love getting involved in community events, so be sure to let us know if your joining in and we might just see you there!


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If you feel the need to contribute more to our earth than you can always book us to clean your home, we use 100% natural cleaning products to keep everyone in your home healthy and safe as well as our friends in the wild.

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