So we’ve all heard of “clean up Australia day”, but did you know about business clean up day? It is held on the 26th February 2019 all across Australia with last years event reigning in around 389 businesses to take part.

What is Business Clean Up day?

The event is held in conjunction with clean up Australia day and schools clean up day. It’s a chance for businesses to register and conduct a clean up with their employees and spread awareness through their business platforms.

Why should I register my business?

By taking part in these clean up events you are doing your part as not only an individual but a business as a whole to reduce your local impact on the environment and the wild life who suffer the consequences from litter ever single day. Not only is this great to be a part of doing but you also have the chance to use this day as a team building experience for your employees and engage with your staff and local community.

How can I register?

You can register your business for the Business Clean Up Day by heading over to the Business Clean Up page on the Clean Up Australia Day website. From there you can choose to organise a clean up, act as a supporter or become a partner in the campaign.

It’s that easy folks! Register your business today and help Australia stay beautiful!

If you’re looking for more info on Clean Up Australia Day and Schools Clean Up Day or even just want to make a generous contribution then follow this link and choose which way you’d like to help!

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