Giving back at Christmas doesn’t mean you have to spend loads of money. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have the extra cash to be throwing it out everywhere, but giving even just a small amount will in return give you the most priceless gift you could receive. End 2018 on a generous high and start your 2019 with great karma and a fulfilled heart with our 12 Deeds Of Christmas challenge.

12 Deeds Of Christmas

12th December:

Donate 2 bags of clothes or give $20 to someone at the store

13th December:

Let an older lady or parent with children in front of you at the checkout

14th December:

Call your parents and tell them you love them or give a compliment to a stranger

15th December:

Cook dinner for a friend or family member and drop it off to them

16th December

Pay for the persons coffee, meal or groceries that is behind you

17th December:

Donate a toy under the kmart wish tree or donate a box of old toys to charity

18th December:

Pick up the rubbish at one of your local parks

19th December:

Spend 20 minutes taking the loose trolleys back to their bays at your local store

20th December:

Make Christmas cards for your neighbours

21st December:

Plants a tree to contribute to the environment

22nd December:

Deliver a care package to a homeless person

23rd December:

Buy and wrap 4 gifts and drop them at houses from Santa

This challenge is designed for both people who can afford to contribute a heap and also for those who can only give a little. It also contains deeds that cost nothing but your time. So get on out there and share the Christmas magic with those who could really use the brightness this festive season! Giving back has never been more fun.

giving back

Let us know in the comments something you like to do during the holiday season to give back, and check out our blog for more articles that you might enjoy.

Merry Christmas from The Naturally Clean Co!