The other day my children and I took a walk down to our local park. As i was starting to get frustrated with the amount of rubbish my two year old son was picking up i thought to myself, “let’s turn this negative into a positive learning experience for my kids”! So we turned it into a game of counting how many pieces of rubbish we each picked up and spent a quick 10 minutes having fun with the kids looking after the environment.

I love that working for The Naturally Clean Co has helped reprogram my mind in a way that gives me an option of turning something negative into a fun and positive way to teach my children about looking after the environment.

The fun Oliver and Haylee had while learning how to give back to our earth was beyond amazing and we can’t wait to get back out again soon!

kids looking after the environment




How to get the kids excited about giving back to our earth

It’s fantastic to see so many families spending time together looking after the environment. There are many fun ways you can encourage your children to care about their planet, some of these include:

Planting a special tree

By planting trees together you can use this time to teach your children how to plant them and how they grow, and why trees are so important for our planet. Children love helping, especially in the garden and you can both choose a name for the special tree, and have your children give it water as needed. This creates a fun bond between children and the environment and starts to map their mindset of how to treat it in the future.

Take a walk

By taking a simple walk to where you need to go you receive back so many benefits! Quality time with your children and a chance to explain that walking is not only healthy for our bodies but also for the environment (and also our wallets)! Walking is a great way to create fit, healthy and environmentally friendly kids.

Start a recycle craft box

By reusing magazines, plastic, wrappers, cardboard and anything else you can think of as craft with your children, you can help the environment as well as utilize this as an opportunity to discuss the importance of recycling.

Clean up your local park

Just like me, you can use this too! Cleaning up the park doesn’t need to take any longer than a 10-20 minute game of who can collect the most rubbish in their bags. You can count them and explain that not only does the park look much better now, they have also helped save wildlife by helping you pick up the rubbish.

We love seeing kids looking after the earth, so leave a comment down below with your ideas on how to teach kids to look after the environment and maybe I will try them for my next blog post.

Here at The Naturally Clean Co we love looking after the environment, so if you want your home cleaned in an environmentally friendly way, book with us today!