Some of you who are on our social media pages may have noticed that The Naturally Clean Co host regular clean community events. These events a held in various Brisbane locations. If you’ve seen these events pop up, you may have thought oh they’re just going to pick up rubbish; but what we do and why we do it holds a lot more reason than just “picking up rubbish”.

clean community event

What are the events?

These are open invitation events for people of all ages to come and join. We usually set up a station with all of our outdoor cleaning gear such as bags, gloves and safety equipment. Each event is run by The Naturally Clean Co’s Director, Wayne and he will usually start off the morning by welcoming everyone, running through safety procedures and having everyone sign in so that in the case of an emergency everyone can be accounted for. He will then give all volunteers a rundown of what area you will be searching and how long for. The clean up usually lasts for an hour or so.

clean community event

Once the clean up part of the event is over, everyone heads back to the original meeting point where we usually provide tea, coffee and sometimes a light morning tea. This is how we thank you for volunteering your morning for a greater cause. While everyone is having a drink and a chat, we combine our findings and sort the rubbish to be disposed of properly.

This is where you will see what kind of impact you just made on our environment and the health or our wildlife.

Our clean community events usually lasts about 2 hours and they are held nice and early so that your a free to head on off to the markets or any other plans you have that day.

So why do we hold clean community events?

We aren’t your typical “environmentalists that judge everyone for not being Eco friendly”. The Naturally Clean Co are a Brisbane based cleaning company that uses only 100% Eco friendly products. We do this, not because we frown upon you for using chemicals; but rather because we care. We care for your families health just as much as the earth we live on.

When we started the business, we pledged that we would dedicate a certain amount of time during the year for each booking we have. We wanted this time to be dedicated to cleaning up our community. Whether it be a beach, park or other location. This was our way of giving back to the community that was helping us build our business.

After a few social media posts about the amount of rubbish we were getting with just our Directors’s volunteering their time, our staff started asking to join in too. The questions only grew from there and our clients and supporters started asking if they could help out too. This is when we decided to create the “Clean Community Event” on Facebook and keep it as an open invitation for anyone to join in. Sometimes we get a lot of participants, other times it’s just a few.

We feel that these events not only make a positive impact on our earth but they encourage us to get to know our community. It’s a chance for us to share our knowledge with the Brisbane community and a great way to get kids involved also. We don’t do this to make anyone else feel bad. We do it to make a difference.

Our hope is that we can inspire just one person to want to make good choices for our planet. So please let us know if and how we’ve inspired you below.

Clean Home. Clean Community. Clean Planet.