Whether you’re busy working, staying home to look after children, juggling both or even if you don’t have children at all; we all need a break from daily life once in a while. If you’re like me, spending any kind of money on yourself usually consists of an item sitting in your online shopping cart for a month before you actually checkout. It’s hard to spoil yourself and not feel guilty for doing so. Spoiling your children, husband or family however is a different story. It takes next to no hesitation. Why is that? It’s because you love them, right? Why is it so bad for anyone to love themselves enough to make their own happiness and feelings a priority?

Spoiling yourself doesn’t necessarily mean buying everything on your wish list whenever you feel like it, nor does it mean that basic self-care should fall under the “spoil yourself” category either.

So what is the difference between basic self-care and spoiling yourself?

This will look different for everyone and that’s okay! Basic self-care is anything that is part of your routine that contributes to your mental well-being daily. This could be taking a shower alone, styling your hair each day, a skincare routine or catching up with a friend to download on each other. Things that without them, would see your mental and/or physical health deteriorate. For some, a daily walk or the gym might be something that is needed instead of showering alone or having the house clean in the mornings might do more for your mental health than styling your hair does. That is basic self-care.

Spoiling yourself is something you’d love to do or have that could also benefit your mind, body or soul. Something that you would normally hesitate to spend that money on when it comes to yourself. This category also looks different for everyone. Maybe your normal daily life has you time-poor when it comes to catching up for a coffee with a friend (something that for somebody else, is basic self-care), purchasing some new clothes or pursuing a hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Whatever you thought of when you read the above paragraph that says “If you’re like me, spending any kind of money on yourself usually consists of an item sitting in your online shopping cart for a month before you actually checkout. It’s hard to spoil yourself and not feel guilty for doing so.”. That’s your something for this category!

Keep a wish list

Keep a wish list somewhere on your phone or on the fridge. I use a google photos album and have added my husband in also. This is where i’ll add screenshots of things i’d love to do or buy for myself. This is also a great way for you to keep track of the things you randomly think of that you could use and stop forgetting them by the time someone asks what you’d like for your birthday or Christmas. you can add a comment with the link if you wish as well. Also be sure to show the price in your screenshot so that you know exactly how much it’s going to cost when you decide to spoil yourself.

At least once a month

Pick a pay day from each month and dedicate this pay day to start living life and spoil yourself! Head over to your wish list and choose the item or activity that you’d most like to do and don’t think, just do it! If money is tight that week, choose a free or low cost item or activity off your list. If there isn’t any, start googling. This is your monthly treat and nothing is going to stop you from feeding your soul with goodness!

Remember though, your partner should also get their own day and wish list too. Just as you need to spoil yourself, they do too!

But how do I stop feeling guilty about it?

To stop that cycle of a million abandoned shopping carts, every “spoil yourself” day ask yourself these questions.

  • Does my family have enough food?
  • Are the rent/ mortgage and utilities paid?
  • Is my family happy and content right now?
  • Are their needs met?

If the answer to these questions is yes then this is your green light. Spoil yourself and don’t look back!

Always remember, you matter too and you deserve to push your shopping cart all the way to the checkout and out to the car! Be kind to yourself, always.

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