Have you ever wondered how often you should be cleaning your home? Certain things need to be cleaned more regular than one would think. We have put together a list of things you might have forgotten about. Things that need to be cleaned more than once a year for health purposes.

cleaning your home



Your microwave needs to be cleaned at least once a week. You don’t want to be reheating food in an area that has old food splattered all over it! You could even set a day to remember like “Microwave Monday”.


An Ideal schedule would be to clean you’re fridge out once a fortnight. Throw away expired foods and put everything else on the bench so you can give the shelves etc a good spray and wipe down. A good way to remember which day would be the day of or night before your bin collection on recycling weeks!


As a rule of thumb we would recommend cleaning your oven once every 8-10 weeks or more when needed. For things like this we would recommend having a calendar and marking down when it should be cleaned next so that you don’t forget.



Here’s another once a month that you can write down on your calendar. Unless you want to clean your bathtub more often, than once a month is just fine.

Shower Heads

We recommend a half yearly for your shower heads. Every 6 months you should let your shower heads soak in vinegar to remove deposits and improve water pressure. So mark this one down to remember as well.


Spot clean your toilets as needed, but we recommend giving your toilets a deeper scrub once a fortnight. This can be done on the day day as you do your fridge.

Other Areas

Toys & Toy Boxes

Ever 2-3 months you should really think about giving your children’s toys and toy boxes a good wipe down with a good disinfectant. Children carry germs, and the best way to prevent colds and illnesses is to give their toys a good wipe down. We recommend using a home made natural disinfectant rather than a chemical store bought one, especially around children. Try mixing 1 part vinegar, 1 part water and 15 drops of essential oil into a spray bottle.


Once a month for these beauties! You can mark this on your calendar for the same day you do the bathtub so that you can get it all done in the same day.


You should give carpets a deep vacuum once a fortnight but we definitely think that at least 3 times a week is even better! Vacuuming often will reduce allergens and will actually help your carpet last longer, because dirt wears down the particles much faster than you want them to. Mopping floors should be at least once a fortnight and shampooing of your carpets should be at least once or twice yearly!

Pillows & Bed Sheets

Bed sheets should be washed once a fortnight to kill germs a mites. Pillows need to be cleaned quarterly, Just chuck them in the washing machine to give them a good clean. Be sure to do this of a morning so that they have all day to dry.

So go out and buy yourself a calendar and mark down all of these extra cleaning areas. It will help reduce your cleaning stress as well as reduce health risks in your home. Making use of a cleaning calendar while cleaning your home can aid your memory on what needs to be cleaned and when, because let’s face it; nobody can actually remember when to do all of these things. Once you get into the routine of cleaning these things in your home you will feel like a domestic goddess for sure!

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