Finding the right house cleaner can be a difficult task. There are so many options to choose from and so many cleaning services in Brisbane that finding the right one can make you feel like your home will never be as clean as you like! At the Naturally Clean Co, we love making this process easier, by providing an outstanding home cleaning service that you can rely on, time in and time out. More than that, we love to give you the insight into why and how some cleaners stand out from the rest.

What to look for when choosing cleaning services in Brisbane

Why the price varies so much for home cleaning services

When getting your home cleaned, you get what you pay for. We’ve heard countless stories from people feeling like they were getting a bargain but ended up disappointed with the level of quality provided by the cleaners, and price is a big reason for this. The lower the price, the less the home cleaning service can pay their staff and more so, the less likely they will be able to afford to hire professional home cleaners to get the job done properly.

If their cleaners are getting paid below minimum wage, how can they possibly provide the level of service and quality that our home cleaners can provide? There is a huge difference in quality when you are given the right tools to do a fantastic job and paid an award wage that makes you happy for the work you a doing; that difference is pride in your home cleaning work and the satisfaction that you are respected for your skills as a professional.

Is the cleaning service ethical

There are currently 2 types of home cleaning service providers around the Brisbane area, ones that are subcontracting and ones that hire employees. Here at the Naturally Clean co we only hire the best cleaning professionals as employees, because we want to take care of our staff and provide them with the best tools, training and products to get your home cleaned with the utmost care.

The other kind of cleaners that operates are the ones that sub-contract out their cleaning services. These are usually cheap and unethical enterprises that are paying below minimum wage. When you book through these businesses you are actually hiring the cleaner directly and paying a ‘fee’ to the business that hired them. This gives the cleaner you have hired the right to sub contract again to another person at a further discounted rate, meaning the person who ends up cleaning your home has no connection to the business you think you booked through. If these contractors are being asked to represent the initial business, it is called ‘Sham Contracting’ and is a big problem in the cleaning services industry both in Brisbane and Australia.

What products are they using

When you decide to get your home cleaned, it is important to think about what products they will be using and how they will impact your family and the environment. We use eco & family friendly products that mean you can feel happy and confident that your home clean will not only look great, but also be safe for the environment and safe for your family. Even new bubs who crawl around on the floor!

We also use high quality vacuum cleaners purchased right here in Brisbane. Far superior to a non-commercial vacuum cleaner, we are able to finish your home cleaning service professionally and thoroughly, plus get all the extra dust that your home vacuum probably won’t pick up.

What do the reviews say

If you are looking for the best home cleaning services in Brisbane, checking out the reviews is a great place to start! They are an excellent indication of quality and can give you a run down of how the cleaning service will play out, you will know what more to expect when you get your home cleaned!

If you live in Brisbane and want the best, eco friendly and ethical cleaning service around, book with us anytime, we love helping people make their home cleaning dreams come true!