Most of us are seeking a more natural lifestyle and even more of us want better ways to ensure the health and safety of our families. That’s why you’re here though, right? Above we have gathered some great cleaning tips and D.I.Y recipes for you to use, but first lets take a look at what makes bicarb and vinegar so special!


It might come as a bit of a surprise, but bicarb is actually a salt. While bicarb is ironically neutral, it’s PH is actually higher than neutral.This means that rather than being an acidic form, it’s more classed as slightly basic. Now I know that’s a little too much chemistry talk than what you came here for, but stay with me because this is key to understanding what makes this a great cleaning agent.

Bicarb absorbs odors, due to the fact that most odors are acidic and bicarb is a basic. This means that the bicarb reacts with the odor and neutralists it. Go on, put an opened box in your fridge and keep it smelling fresh! It is also abrasive, so when using bicarb to clean, it works a treat in terms of scrubbing.

Now we have discovered that bicarb is a basic compound ingredient, so what is vinegar then?


Vinegar’s main compound is acetic acid. On it’s own, vinegar is a natural, cheap and effective ingredient for cleaning.  We revealed above that a great cleaner sometimes needs a reaction from acidic and basic based compounds. So this means that if we combine bicarb with vinegar we will receive a reaction between them both. Mixing these two ingredients together will provide a great result wen cleaning most surfaces.

Vinegar alone can be used to tackle germs, odors, static in your washing, mould and more! Take a look at our cleaning tips in the gallery above and try them for yourself. You won’t be disappointing!

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