Note: I just want to say upfront that this is not a sponsored post. This is a genuine shout out cause we love what they’re trying to achieve.

You might have seen cleaning products at your local supermarket that are branded as Earth Choice, but what you may not realise is that these aren’t just your regular natural cleaning products. They all come from a company that is striving to make a change for the better in our homes.

Earth choice

So What Is The Earth Choice Project?

Earth choice is part of a company called Nature Organics. Their project may seem quite small but their aspirations for future projects are huge. The company kicked off their project in a small town near Melbourne called Beechworth.  Beechworth, with their two awards for the cleanest town, their efforts to more sustainable living and commitment to the environment, seemed like a perfect place to start a campaign like this.

Earth Choice asked the residents on Beechworth to bring all of their chemical filled cleaning products down to the local farmers market and exchange them for chemical free, plant-based and 100% environmentally friendly products. The turn out was amazing and all of the residents who came were there because they were willing to make a small change to create a big difference.

Lets take a look at the products available in the Earth Choice brand


As you can see above, Earth Choice have thought of everything you need to clean your house with and created chemical-free alternatives. You can buy these products at your local supermarket in their cleaning and laundry isles.

Do you know of a cleaning brand that deserves a shout out for their chemical-free products? Leave us a comment below and we’ll look into it!

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