Regular rental inspections can become quite stressful for tenants as they work through their property trying to clean it and have it looking its best for the inspection. Some people keep an inspection checklist on their phone, some on paper and some just in their minds of what needs to be done to get ready. However, more often than not, they have forgotten to write something down and end up in that “oh sugar moment” during the inspection. You know, that moment the inspector points out something isn’t clean or hasn’t been done and in your head you’re bashing yourself with every name under the sun? Yeah, that moment!

I’ve found myself in this position many a times and wasting hours on hours of cleaning time by googling to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything this time. So with my vast experience with the “oh sugar moments”, I have put together the ultimate rental inspection checklist for you guys. So download the PDF below and print this one out next inspection.

Download your PDF here!

Bonus Tips

  • Before you start your cleaning, go through each area and write down any maintenance and extra cleaning jobs on your checklist. That way you can go through and tick off maintenance as well as your cleaning.
  • Check back to The Naturally Clean Co blog to find tips and recipes for natural cleaners to keep your home fresh, safe and healthy through each inspection process.
  • If you’re still overwhelmed by your rental inspection cleaning, then book with us and we’ll take care of most of it for you!

Good Luck at you’re inspection, you’ll be sure to ace it with our ultimate inspection checklist!

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