Here we are, school holidays again and every parents hopes of a clean and calm home have just flown out the window. We all know that dread that overcomes us the moment our wonderful children walk in the door after their last day of school before the holidays. To them, it means two weeks of no school, playing around, having fun and chilling with friends. To us parents, it means food everywhere, mud all over the floors, a messy bench, never ending dishes and crazy kids running through our house all day long. Try not to stress, every parent fears the school holidays at some point; but here we have compiled a few tips on keeping a clean and calm house ( Well as much as possible anyway).

Sun Kids Are Fun Kids

Well our first tip is a bit of an obvious one but we had to throw it in here to start us off. If you can keep the kids outside in the backyard playing as much as possible it can provide so many benefits for all of you. Playing games outside will not only burn their energy before they come back inside, it will widen their imagination and also provide them with a good dose of vitamin D. Keeping the kids outside means they wont be making a mess inside with all their built up energy, keeping you just that little bit more sane over the school holidays.

Rewards For Cleaning

A great way to keep the kids busy, motivated and the house clean is to involve them in the house keeping process. Set a reward different from their chore charts like going to the movies with a friend etc and go from there. Compile a list for each child with things like; clean your room, go through toys and fill one garbage bag of toys for charity, fill a bag of clothes that no longer fit you, wipe down your walls, throw sheets and blankets in the wash, vacuum and much more. This will keep your children motivated, busy, quiet and not to mention contributing to your spring cleaning this year.

Utilize Local Activities

When we talk about school holiday activities we usual think money, but if you know where to look you can find activities that won’t be burning a hole in your pocket. There’s a few options around Brisbane that are low cost or even free that you may not know about. We’ve gathered a couple below to get you started.

No Tidy, No TV

Sit down with your children the moment those school holidays kick off to talk about rules and boundaries. Explain that just like at school, they will; follow rules at home. Write down a list together so that they can fully understand what is expected of them while on their break. Have rules that contribute to keeping the house tidy such as no movies or TV until the lounge room is clean or no snacks or games until all the rubbish is in the bin and dishes are cleaned. As much as our kids complain, children crave balance, rules and discipline.


We all need to take a little bit of stress out of our lives, especially over the school holidays. Let us know below the things you do to keep sane throughout all the chaos. We hope these tips help you as much as they help us. However, if all else fails: contact us and we will send in our team to work their magic on your crazy, child decorated house.