At The Naturally Clean Co, we pride ourselves on producing only the highest quality services and there’s no doubt that we’re one of Brisbane’s top cleaning businesses. There are many to choose from though, so what sets us apart from the rest? Here are 5 things that make us better than your average cleaning business.

1. We pay our staff fairly

You may be thinking “well how does that help me?”. Staff who are treated fairly, paid generously and feel valued in their positions will in turn be better equipped to give their all when it comes to completing your service. We believe our staff work super hard each and every day and they deserve to feel valued, and happy in their positions and be compensated fairly for their contribution to our company.

2. Top-quality staff

Our team of hand-picked Brisbane house cleaners love the work they do. They are proud professionals with an eye for detail that is a cut above the rest. Always happy to go that little bit extra just to see that smile on your face, Our staff are our family; we trust them in our homes so you can trust them in yours.

3. No hidden fees

There is nothing worse than having any kind of service done and being hit with unexpected charges that you obviously didn’t plan or budget for! That’s why we’ve always been committed to having no hidden fees and charges. The cost of your clean is easily available online and when you add extras to your booking it’s all added to your total before you book. What’s more, is that we don’t charge until your service is completed.

4. Safe for your family and our friends in the wild

Using only the best natural products safe for your family and our friends in the wild. The Naturally Clean Co only uses environmentally friendly cleaning products to service your home. These products will clean your home just as well (if not better) as any harsh chemical-based cleaning products would. Keeping our environment free of as many toxins as we possibly can as a company is important to us.

5. The extra mile

Our team are known to go the extra mile for their clients. It’s the small little touches that make the difference to someone’s service and they love to see you smile just as much as we do. Our team love what they do and they love the journey of building a relationship with their clients. Getting to know the certain way you like things to be done or knowing that your little Johnny has sensory issues so they wait until he’s gone to school before vacuuming. It’s things like that, that our customers value because they know we care, they know we understand and they know our number one priority is to make your life that little bit easier.

These are just 5 reasons we’re different to other cleaning companies in the biz. If you head on over to our reviews page you’ll see a few more reasons our customers love us too!

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Are you looking for a cleaner that you can trust to do the best job possible? Check out The Naturally Clean Co for all your cleaning needs and watch your life transform into more time for those you love most.