I think it’s time for everyone to meet the team so you can get to know The Naturally Clean Co family too.

Meet Becky

meet the team


Social Media Assistant

Becky is our social media assistant and she takes pride in her job of creating all of the social media content and posts that you see pop up on our social media pages. She also writes most of the content for our blogs on our website. We asked Becky to answer a few questions so that our audience can get to know her a little better.

meet the team



About you:

Who inspires you?
  • I’m going to go out on a limb here and be a little boring but completely honest. My children inspire me the most because of their 100% commitment to putting their best into everything they do, they always have a go at new things and their resilience to try again. The kindness Haylee (5) and Oliver (3) show everyone just amazes me. The innocence and sincerity of children can be the most inspiring things and something we could all work a little harder towards.
What’s your passion/hobby outside of work?
  • My hobby outside of work would have to be photography (second to my family that is). I’ve always loved photography and I think it’s amazing that you could be a professional photographer with 10 years experience but you can still learn more about it every day. Photography challenges you, teaches you and the feeling you get when you know you’re the one who created this beautiful image is just breathtaking. I have always had a creative mind (hence working in a position where I can spend my whole day creating content and creative writing); and for me, photography has no limits, there is always something more to be learned and you can express every emotion in a million different ways.
What Superhero power would you have and why?
  • Like most mums, I would have to choose morphing into two people. This way I could balance my time with my children and always have the house spotless!


What are you talented in?
  • I would love to think that I’m talented in creative content and writing. I also hope that my passion for photography flows over into a little bit of talent.
Favourite movie/book?
  • Anyone who knows me knows exactly what this answer will be without even thinking. My answer to this question hasn’t changed since I was five years old and I don’t think it ever will. Hands down, Dirty Dancing will always be my favourite movie of all time!
Favourite food?
  • If I had to choose a favourite food, I think it would have to be avocados.

meet the team

About work:


Why do you like your job?
  • From a very young age, I was interested in writing and creating. My teachers all the way through school pushed me further and further with writing because of my talents. However, I never really found the right way to pursue it until I was approached by my boss to start creating blog posts as well as the content I was already doing. It doesn’t even matter what I’m writing, as long as I’m writing and creating. The bonus of my job is I get to create and write about things that matter. I can spread awareness, information, tricks to help people live more simple and chemical free lives and I feel like sometimes, I really do make a difference. Even if I only reach one or two people.
Favourite thing to clean?
  • The kitchen. It sounds strange but when my kitchen is clean, I feel calmer.
What are 2 songs on your must-have cleaning playlist?
  • My playlist for anything would take you on a genre roller coaster. As long as I have country, rock, pop, reggae, and every other genre mixed in then I’m good to go.
Why do you think it’s important to think about the environment when we clean?
  • There are so many things acting negatively on our environment and chemicals are right up there with plastic pollution. I think that if we have the power to change something and make a difference then we would be silly not to. We are leaving this earth behind for future generations and I personally want to leave them the healthiest planet we can.
Number 1 tip for cleaning your own house?
  • Spread your cleaning out over six days of the week and spend 30 minutes each day getting things done. This way it won’t be such a daunting task at the end of the week for you to squeeze in.
How long have you been working for TNCC?
  • About a year and a half now. WOW! Hasn’t that gone fast? I’ve loved every minute of working for such a great company and contributing to some great positive differences in the process.
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meet the team