Imagine walking into a company’s office in a bid to employ their services and you are met with a hostile and chaotic environment, what will be your reaction? If you are a clean person, you will walk away immediately. A messy work environment can make a potential customer walk away before you even have the chance to speak with them, so the work environment possesses the capacity to cripple business and productivity. Cleanliness and organization of working environment is a very subtle but important aspect to consider while setting up a business.

The office is considered by most employees as a second home so efforts should be made at keeping it clean and organized. A clean and tidy office encourages staff to do what is expected of them with a better countenance as the environment is clean. As an entrepreneur, you should ensure that your employees are healthy and ready to serve that will increase their productivity and in turn help your business grow.

Turning your office into an inviting place to work means staff will come to work with a positive mindset and agility to work. Conversely, no one wants to work in a dirty environment especially when you have to spend a lot of time in that environment. Maintaining focus in a chaotic office environment is difficult. An unclean and disorganised office can cause the spread of illness and infections because pathogenic microorganisms responsible for causing sickness and diseases can be found everywhere. In a situation where most members of your working staff are ill enough to absent themselves from work, then productivity will be on the decline.

A clean office is good for your staff because it provides a feeling of confidence. It also suggests to your client that your company is efficient and pays high attention to detail. On the other hand, a dirty office may indicate to customers that you cannot take care of your job, let alone a client. Other than that, a messy office increases the chances of a workplace accident, file misplacements, filling errors, and can also slow down the search and rescue of a missing file. All of these impede productivity.

An unclean office can cause unnecessary stress and raise tension amongst members of the staff mostly because of the few who will always empty the refuse bin and clear up messy desks while others litter the place. To avoid such a situation it is best never to task your employees with the cleaning duty. This will not only eliminate unnecessary stress you will get more office work done. Consequently, you should consider hiring a dedicated cleaning crew or hire a professional cleaning service to clean your office once a month or many times per month. If you feel reluctant about spending money on maintaining a clean office environment, you should consider the fact that employees are your marketing channels. They are direct representatives of your brand and business so you might want to do all you can to maintain a clean and organised office environment for your employees because if they are happy with their jobs; they will always feel comfortable telling friends and family about your business and be willing to participate in any form of business-related promotion. For business managers who want to improve on productivity, they should not just stop at setting up businesses, but they should also strive to ensure that employees are happy and healthy and increased productivity will be assured.