Mornings are stressful enough for both kids and parents, without adding into the mix a rushed timeline to get ready for school and a couple of tired kids who don’t know what they need to get done.

In these templates below, we’ve combined a step by step guide, along with child relatable pictures of each step and a description.

By providing a visual morning routine for your children, they will have confidence in themselves because they can easily go up to their guide, see what step they are at and their mornings will start to flow with ease.

The description aspect of these morning routine guides in more for us parents rather than children who can’t yet read. This is a chance for us to be involved in the process and to help them learn what each step entails. An example of this might be; your daughter is up to step 5 but can’t quite remember what step 5 entails. You can easily take her up and show her on the picture for step 5 that she needs to get dressed, put on her socks and pop her shoes on.

No more tears and tantrums!

The added advantage of having these morning routines in a visual format is that parents won’t be yelling in the mornings as much, kids won’t be stressed out before school and everyone gets that chance to just sit and relax for a while before heading out the door.

Now obviously it will take time for your children to learn what is involved with each step, but this is where the description becomes your best friend and you can explain every morning what to do. Before you know it,, your kids will be up and ready before you can swallow that first sip of coffee!

Download the printable versions here

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