A  few weeks ago, my husband and I took the kids on a “familymoon”. This was our version of our honeymoon but we wanted to take the kids with us. While packing for this trip, we packed soap, shampoo and conditioner because from childhood memories; there were only tiny little plastic bottles with products in them to use. However, we were both surprised and delighted to see Mariner Shores resort in Burleigh Heads taking steps to create a better future.

No more plastic bottles

Upon walking into our hotel unit, I couldn’t seem to find any of their plastic sample bottles with shampoo or conditioner in them. I thought to myself “oh well, lucky we packed our own!”. However, when we set the kids up for their showers we quickly realised their environmentally friendly solution to those tiny little plastic polluters that don’t even hold enough to wash a full head of hair. Mounted on the walls of both bathrooms were reusable containers that their cleaners restock when empty. They even had sections for shaving cream and body lotion.

No Smoking

The second thing we noticed about this place was that there was a total smoking ban in all areas of the entire resort. This meant that you wouldn’t be breathing in second-hand smoke from the unit below you and you wouldn’t find squashed butts while walking around. They did, however, have easy to follow pathways to go outside of the resort if you were a smoker. It wasn’t very far to go and I think it was a great way to cater for both worlds while keeping their resort clean and fresh.

Bathroom eco upgrades

I remember staying at this same resort with my grandparents when I was a kid and loving the massive spa baths they had in each bathroom. This time around, they had signs up to inform us that over the past few years they’ve upgraded their bathrooms all over the resort and no longer use baths in their rooms. It went on to say that this was due to the ongoing drought situation and their desire not to waste water. This was fantastic news!

These were just a few of their small changes in efforts to make a big difference. It really shows that it doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, there are always ways to make a change and create a better future for our planet.

Next time you’re looking for a family-friendly, eco-conscious and absolutely beautiful place to stay on the gold coast then check out Mariner Shores. Every single one of their staff was friendly and helpful, their facilities are amazing and their hearts are filled with love for our planet!