So you want to be more environmentally friendly, but it all looks like too much for you to take on at once? Don’t worry, many people have this same view based on the way the media presents environmental news to us. It’s actually not that hard to make a huge contribution to our earth. So if you want to try out a more green way of living then we have the perfect 30 day challenge for you!

In this challenge we will walk you through just one eco friendly task per day. Taking on too many things too fast is just like sprinting the start of a marathon, we become tired and overwhelmed. Which in turn means we cant finish and we most definitely cant win the race! As a result, the 30 day challenge is set out with a good mix of easy and more challenging tasks. All the tasks are spread out in a way to ease you into it, rather than overwhelm you. So what’s stopping you getting started today?


30 day challenge

Try your hand at some lifestyle changes, DIY, recycling and more in our very own Go Eco 30 Day Challenge! We promise it’s easy and super fun to go through! Good luck on your green adventure, be sure to let us know how you went!

  A couple of links to help you along the way

Day 6: Take 20 min to clean up your local park – Check out our article on Kids Looking After The Environment

Day 28: Reuse your children’s drawings – Check out our video on 4 Ways To Reuse Your Children’s Artwork

Keep an eye on our blog for more useful tips to keep you motivated on your 30 day challenge!

Did you know that The Naturally Clean Co has a 100% eco firendly policy? Meaning, you can absolutely add “Book a clean with The Naturally Clean Co” onto your 30 day challenge and feel amazing knowing that no chemicals will be released into the air, our earth or your family!