Easter is fast approaching and that means it’s nearly time for our first school holidays of the year. School holidays and bordem seem to come hand in hand even when there’s so many things to do at home. Maybe it’s our kids way of telling us they’ve missed us during the term and want some quality time with us. So we’ve gathered some great Easter holiday activities that can help.

Easter Holiday Activities

  • Make your own Easter baskets out of recycled items or even some water reeds of your choice
  • Create an Easter bunny from recycled materials
  • Use paints to make Easter characters from hand and foot prints
  • Write letters to the Easter bunny to thank him for last years basket
  • Have the kids help you complete the giving back this Xmas challenge (which by the way is just as easy to do any time throughout the year)
  • Create Easter cards for family members or friends
  • Put together a little “thanks for being my neighbour” Easter gift and deliver to your neighbours
  • Take this holiday time to clean out a room a day throughout the house to declutter and rearrange the furniture for a fresh house feel
  • Paint boiled eggs
Easter holiday

Whatever you decide to do these holidays with your kids, be sure to embrace the bonding moments and enjoy being present with your fast growing children.

Happy Easter guys! Be sure to check out our blog for more tips, tricks and creative activities!