With our daily lives becoming more and more busy by the day, teaching our kids the responsibility of their morning and afternoon routines seems to be more and more necessary. We’ve put together a general daily routine for kids to follow, you can find the download at the bottom of this page. In this routine you will find the step by step instructions below, set out in an appealing format that’s easy and simple enough for kids to independently follow themselves.

Morning routine

We want the morning routine to follow a general procedure. We also added in a section that you can write in before laminating to hang up that includes you childs/rens chores. This will help to keep it simple for your child because it’s all in the one place and they don’t need to go back and forth from different sheets (ie. chores sheet and daily routine sheet).

  1. Wake up and go to the toilet
  2. Have breakfast
  3. Brush your teeth and wash your face
  4. Have a shower (if applicable)
  5. Get dressed into your school clothes
  6. Put on your shoes and socks
  7. Do your hair or get your hair stuff ready for someone else to do your hair
  8. Pack lunch and homework into your bag
  9. Morning chores (eg. take the bin out, make your bed, wash the morning dishes)
  10. Now you can have free time until it’s time to leave

Morning Routine Chart

Afternoon routine

Just like the morning routine, we’ve included a section for chores and spaces for specific times to make it easier for children to follow.

  1. Unpack lunch box and hang up your bag
  2. Put your school shoes away
  3. Put your homework on the table
  4. Grab a snack and have (add time here) minutes of chill out time
  5. Do your homework and home reading
  6. Go play outside for (add time here) minutes
  7. Afternoon chores (feed the dog, water the garden, sort out the folding)
  8. Come inside for a shower
  9. Get dressed and brush your hair out
  10. Help set the table for dinner
  11. Eat your dinner
  12. Clear the table after everyone is finished
  13. Night chores (help wash the dishes etc)
  14. Chill out time until __:__pm
  15. Brush your teeth
  16. Go to the toilet
  17. Grab a drink
  18. Say goodnight and head to bed

Afternoon Routine Chart

As mentioned above, these are only general daily routines so will not include any other personal things such as taking regular medication etc. However, you can simply add those important and personal touches into the chores sections for your child. Also, as a little “pro tip” you can use the check boxes to write in any extra curricular activities the kids may have on certain days. This way everyone remembers!

Click below to download the PDF file for both the morning and afternoon routines.

Daily Routine Chart