Most children enjoy helping their parents out with some housework every now and then, which is great; but it’s definitely hard to find a good set of age appropriate chores that our children can do on a regular basis. Having a table of kids chores helps them to gain much needed life skills, including ownership, responsibility, team work, pride and many more. So here we have gathered a great list of kids chores, sorted by age to make it a little easier for you as a parent ( because let’s face it, this parenting gig is hard enough)!

kids chores by age

Ages 2-3

  • Tidy their room
  • Take dirty clothes to the dirty clothes basket
  • Place the dirty clothes into the washing machine on wash day
  • Put their toys away
  • Take rubbish to the bin
  • Sweep the floor with a mini broom or sweeper
  • Take dishes to the sink- non breakable of course!
  • Wipe outside of cupboards, fridge, doors and walls

Ages 4-5

  • All the above chores
  • Feed the family pet
  • Clean windows and glass doors
  • Dry dishes with supervision
  • Put non breakable dishes away
  • Make their bed
  • Sort colours in the laundry
  • Match socks
  • Bath the dog- with supervision
  • Dust
  • Vacuum lounges
  • Water the garden and pull weeds
  • Mop the floors- Don’t expect a perfect job
  • Collect the mail


Ages 6-8

  • All previous chores above
  •   Collect the bins from the footpath
  • Wash dishes- No sharp knives
  • Be responsible for the pets exercise
  • Fold laundry under supervision
  • Put away laundry
  • Help wash the family car
  • Learn to cook basic meals from scratch
  • Answer the phone with supervision
  • Take inside bin out to wheelie bins
  • Pack away groceries
  • Make their own sandwiches and lunches with supervision

Ages 9-11

  • All above chores
  • Clean inside and outside of family car
  • Learn to work the washing machine
  • Peg washing on the clothesline
  • Take washing off the clothesline
  • Fold washing
  • Take the bin out to the footpath on collection day
  • Run their own shower/ bath
  • Take the family pet for walks up and down the street- under supervision
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean out and wipe down inside of fridge
  • Pick up dog poop in the yard
  • Cook simple meals
  • Change sheets on bed
  • Clean toilets

Ages 12-14

  • All above chores
  • Mow the yard
  • Walk to the corner store for milk and bread
  • Take family pet on longer walks
  • Clean entire kitchen unsupervised
  • Cook meals unsupervised
  • Scrub bathtub and shower
  • Iron clothes

Ages 15 & Up

By Age 15, your children should be able to complete every task that you do. If you start while they are young and work your way through this list, then by the time they are 15 years old their chores will become a second nature to them. This will have them ready to tackle all the tough things that come along with being 15-18 years old, things like study, exams, friends, peer pressure etc. You can feel more at ease going into these years knowing you have raised a strong, independent young adult who CAN look after themselves. Now this doesn’t mean we won’t worry about them still ( do we ever really stop worrying?), but at least we will know they are ready to be trusted with all of this decisions heading their way!

Age appropriate kids chores are a great way to prepare your child for adulthood, and starting early means that your children will have the time to practice, succeed and move each task from the chore category to a second nature category by the time they reach age 15. This means they won’t need to think about how something needs be done anymore, they will do it with ease. Whether they do their chores willingly at age 15 or not is another story, but at least they know how to.

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kids chores by age